The Studio

Espacio Elle - Pianta Studio / Studio Map

The studio is a 120sqmt open space, with 3 different areas available for photographic sessions, two of them with also natural light.
With a 3,5mt fixed height on all surface, all 3 areas are equipped with backdrop holder and long enough to allow also flash equipment usage.

Daylight 1:
it has a big window that produces an indirect light on the right side of the backdrop.
It is also possible to use the white wall and the maximum distance from backdrop can be 5mt.

Daylight 2:
This area has smaller windows that are close to the wall and thus produce a super soft natural light.
We suggest also using the second window on that same wall, as it provides a sharper, more pictorical light on the subject.
Here, photographers can shoot against a white wall too (a surface containing a smaller wall in itself), whose maximum distance from the subject can go up to around 8mt.

main technical area, to be used with flash equpments, it has wide side space and a maximum distance of more than 8-9mt.

Photo Gallery