Our wide range of professional equipment is available for customers

– 3000W Bowens generators, with 3 lights each
– Bowens Esprit DX monolights (with remote), 1000W, 750W and 500W
– Bowens GM monolights, 750W and 500W
– Bowens DS monolights, 400W
– Godox LED monolights, 2x150W and 60W

– 1 deep esadodecagonal softbox, 120cm with grid
– various sizes softbox with grid (cm):
80×120, 60×90, 30×140, 40×200
– 70cm beauty dish with diffuser and grid
– 40cm beauty dish with diffuser and grid
– Fresnel lens with aperture iris
– Optical snoot with aperture iris and accessories
– different sizes reflectors and snoots with honeycomb grids and barn doors:
24.5cm, 20cm, 15cm
– 2 background oval reflectors
– 1 white parabolic umbrella, 165cm
– 1 translucent umbrella, 180cm
– 1 silver umbrella, 185cm
– Panels and umbrellas, in silver and gold finish

Props and furnitures
Several stuffs are available to be used in your photo set: chairs, armchairs, sofas, wooden cubes, rugs and carpets and different size tables.
We have also several small objects, like flowers, plants, glasses, bottles and many more, including two full wardrobes.